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If you think your online record is not correct, and you haven't received
an expected title (see the Processed Titles page for mailing dates),
contact CPE (wait for at least two weeks after the mailing date please) so we can check on it.
Example: Level 4 colors completed 5/07 (2 legs), wildcard completed 9/07 (4 legs)
two dummy legs (making 4 colors legs) with the second colors leg date,
were added to that dog's record to generate the title.

    If the trial was processed (and included within the last online records posting),
    email cpe@charter.net with the following information:
  • Dog's name
  • Dog's ID number
  • Your name
  • Date of missing leg
  • Host club
  • Judge
  • Class
  • Level
  • Height/Titling category
  • Time
  • Faults or Points
  • Placement

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