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CPE News!
CPE News

News page updated 2/23/18

Sign into your Member Services page to see when it was last updated for info, shows, titles, plaques


Welcome to CPE’s Member Services page!


2018 Member Letter and 2018 Membership Renewal info

Thank you for your continued interest in CPE!  The 2018 Member Letter is posted, click the letter link on your main member page in Member Services.  The letter is not needed to renew for 2018.

If there is a change to address/phone/email (current info is on your member page), please use the membership form on the forms page, www.k9cpe.com, to renew and make changes, or send an email to CPE – see the contact us web page, www.k9cpe.com, for contact emails. 

To save on trees, if there are no personal changes, please send a check for $24 (include your member id on the memo line) to CPE, PO Box 805, South Lyon MI  48178.

Renewals are per membership, dogs do not renew each year, they are registered for life.

Jr Handlers do not renew.


Click below for the Member Services info pdf


The pdf has password instructions, troubleshooting,

multiple memberships with the same email address and much more!

Please refer to this pdf before emailing CPE with a question – most questions are answered within the pdf


If you email CPE with a member services issue, please allow at least a week

for a reply before emailing again;

emails are done in the order received, and all other work must also be done.

Include your full name, CPE id number, dog’s call name (if about a dog).

If about signing in, see the pdf above before emailing. 

When copy/pasting received fist password from email, make sure there are no blank spaces before or afte the password or it won’t work. 

Try firefox as the browser – that solves 99.9% of sign in issues.

Do not use id AND email to sign in, one or the other (see lower left corner on member services page for full details).

If you have received a password, tried firefox and still getting an error message, send your personal info, email address and password (copy/paste) received to CPE. 





Please check your SPAM and/or TRASH folders before emailing

CPE that you didn’t get an email



ID CARDS will no longer be mailed

Your member services page can be printed to be an id card including P-card info.  


Note: if your dog needs another measurement, you will not see that on the member services page yet.  Borderline measurements remain on the CPE main program and cannot be migrated over yet.  The measurements will count towards the next measurement unless the dog has since turned 2 years old – in that case, the dog would need to be measured again as a 2 year old.  If your dog does not show a P-card for a show within the last month, either your dog needs another measurement or the measuring sheet could not be processed for some reason.




We have tested several member’s pages, however, with thousands of members, it’s impossible to test every page ourselves, that’s where you, the member comes in!

Please let us know (info needed is below) if you see anything that isn’t correct.  The info has been migrated from the main CPE program, that program is still in use at the present time, so any issues will be taken care of.  This does not include changing information on the membership - that would still be completed per a membership form (see the rulebook for full membership change info and fees).  If address/email needs to be changed, email CPE per below.


If you find an issue, the following info is needed to be able to address the issue:


Email CPE: cpe@charter.net

Member id (the first 5 digits of your dog’s id card)

Member name

Dog’s call name (not the name per title certificates)

What the issue is with complete details

if regarding a title, include the height category, title name and earned date







My dog’s Q Records button won’t open records:

Make sure your browser is updated.  If your browser version is too old, the main page will appear, but the records won’t open.  FYI – we tested different browsers, google chrome and firefox works best, internet explorer has the most issues if it’s not updated or if you have an older computer – if you’re using IE and can’t open Q records, try another browser before emailing CPE. 

Update 9/19/13 – found out IE for XP is only supported through version 8 – that will not work for the Q records.  If you have XP on your computer, you’ll need to use firefox or google chrome.  I run XP on one of my computers, firefox is working great!